Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is what most people recognize as the basic massage found at spas and used primarily for relaxation. It is characterized by long flowing strokes using oil or lotion. It uses four patterns Compressing, Stroking, Lifting, Tapping

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is what most relate with therapeutic massage. It usually uses more pressure and is more specific than Swedish massage. Patient may feel sore afterwards.

Stretching & Mobilization

Stretching improves muscle flexibility and Mobilization improves joint flexibility. When applied therapeutically they can change the limited range of movement some people find themselves stuck with after accidents or injuries.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage excels at improving local circulation, loosening tight muscles, improving range of movement, decreasing pain sensations, and relaxing the body and mind.

Therapeutic Massage uses these effects of massage to provide relief and affect change in the body. Using Swedish, Deep Tissue, Stretching, and other techniques a therapist will tailor the massage to fit your needs.


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